Unethical poker

Posted by crazygamer on Thursday Feb 9, 2012 Under online poker

You know, it seems like every month someone is exposed for crossing some sort of line in a poker game and getting into trouble. Recently pokerstars caught Chinese players who shared their cards at sit/n goes, and this large cheating operations took hundreds of thousands of dollars. But Pokerstars is vigilant. If you have not yet signed up, use a pokerstars marketing code to get your bonus.

People have had money confiscated from accounts, and been banned from sites. The most disturbing thing isn’t that this is going on though. It’s the fact that a lot of people, even those who aren’t being caught, don’t think it’s a big deal. That’s just the weird world of poker. It lives in it’s own little gray world, filled with gray people, doing gray things all the time.

Because of this, there is often no consensus on where a line should be drawn. For example, it’s been ruled that playing multiple seats in the same tournament is not ok. But, if you and your friends each individually enter a tournament, but play out of the same bankroll, that is ok. The distinction is subtle, and at a practical level is close to meaningless. Assuming all play is “honest” what is the difference between ten people each entering the same tournament ten times, and those people each entering ten different tournaments and sharing the results? This sort of stuff has been going on forever. Men ‘The Master’ has made a fortune out of doing this, yet he and his horses are still allowed to play at any tournament that they like.

So when it comes to the new breed of players getting caught red handed, I can certainly understand how they slipped down that slope. There are just so many examples of poker biggest and brightest — from authors to champions to internet pros — bending, twisting, and to suit their own personal needs and desires that it almost seems like it’s part of the game. That doesn’t make it all right though.

The problem is that without clear rules and guidelines, players looking for an edge will do everything they can in order to make it as large as possible. This takes all kinds of forms, from coffee housing to shorting chips, from active collusion to shared bankrolls. What is fair and what is not when it comes to poker? It’s a hard question to answer, and it’s one that a lot of smart people have come to very different conclusions about.

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Intermediate poker mistakes

Posted by crazygamer on Tuesday Apr 26, 2011 Under online poker

As you may know, the FBI closed the largest US online poker sites. But you can still play at Carbon Poker. So if you are not registered yet, use a Carbon Poker Bonus Code before you sign up so you get your 200% bonus. Anyway being an experienced poker player doesn’t mean that you cannot make some mistakes. Either you are to tired, or your opponents are too aggressive, mistakes are unavoidable.

If you are multi-tabling, today we are no longer surprised when we hear someone playing 8 + tables cash at once. So, at how many tables a player can play? The answer is not very precise and depends on many factors. Each player has his limits and a too high number of tables may result in (1) getting to give fold in limited circumstances because you do not have time to take the optimal decision, or (2) folding at the other tables because of the lack of time in which you have to focus to another table.

The result is again a predictable game and lost money in the pots without showdown. Thus, it is good that each player finds the number of tables at which he feels comfortable and increases or decreases it while making the best decisions, to add one table, not to fall the other extreme, to play too many hands.

Do not play average hands because, even If you make a flush or a straight, chances are someone else makes a straight or a higher flush, and so you will lose much, being tempted to go ahead with the hand.

Do not be disappointed by the weak hands with what you will have to fold, and if you enter, you make a strong hand and you win! For example if you gave up 8,2 and the flop is K 2 2 or 5 8 8, do not be disappointed and next time proceed as fold!

Playing too predictably is a common mistake for intermediate poker players, specifically for no–limit players. If you tend to always play the same way, it is very easy for your opponents to read your moves. It is good to change your style from time to time or you can also change table, starting a new game with new players.

In poker besides how strong your hand it is, what does matter much more is the strength of your opponents’ hand. Not thinking about your opponent hand is a mistake and there are small chances to become a winner if you play this way. Always try to read your opponents playing style and what hand they might hold.

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No Deposit casino Bonus

Posted by crazygamer on Wednesday Aug 8, 2012 Under gambling online

No deposit casino bonuses are the latest trend in online gaming.

Innovation paves the way for the entire online casino world. No deposit casino bonus is perhaps the latest innovation in the realm of online casinos. When you play online casinos, you always remain a bit panicky due to the uncertain factors.

You are always scared about your hard earned money. Some online casinos with their revolutionary offers of no deposit casino bonus have heralded a new era in the domain of online casinos, where the player gets a chance to earn and play without any deposit.

Once you register in the selected online casinos, you get a bonus even without any deposit. The amount becomes obviously insignificant when you compare with such mind boggling bonuses of $20,000. You may earn $15 or $25 as a bonus amount. Now you can start playing your favorite online casino games and use that amount to wager.

As luck becomes the deterring factor for most of the online casino games, you get a chance to experiment without spending a single fur thing from your pocket. Once you start winning or you get inspired by the challenging ambiance, you make the actual deposit and start exploring your opportunities.

Some online casinos restrain the players to wager in limited games in case of no deposit casino bonus. Any way, once you make a real deposit, you become entitled to the splendid bonus offers of the online casino like all other new players. The no deposit casino bonus is actually free from all risk factors. Even if you loss in the games, you never incur any loss. If you win, the amount becomes absolutely yours. So, the chicken hearted person can also take a try now.

Never worry! you wife will never know, if you loss. You can proudly announce your winnings to all your friends and close relations to exhibit your bold efforts, if you win!

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Erick Lindgren is Unstoppable at Poker

Posted by crazygamer on Sunday Dec 25, 2011 Under online poker

Erik Lindgren is a young poker player but he is feared by his opponents. Before turning thirty-five he won two World Poker Tour Championships, the $600,000 Full Tilt Poker Poker Pro Showdown at the Red Rock Casino, the World Poker Tour Party Poker Million III and was named the Player of the Year at the 2004 World Poker Tour. He netted $7.5 million by 2011 in live tournament winnings.

Erick is a California native of Swedish descent and lives in Las Vegas. He began as a blackjack dealer then moved to a card room prop player in California. At twenty-six he won his first major poker tournament in Las Vegas at the Bellagio.

He went on in ten months to win his first World Poker Tour title and then six months later the Poker Million. In 2005 he was runner up in the Atlantic City Circuit Event at the World Series of Poker and one month later he placed fifth in the LA Poker Classic at the World Poker Tour.

In 2007 he won $800,000 in the Aussie Millions at the $100,000 buy-in No Limit Hold’em tournament. While he has never won a bracelet at a World Series of Poker event he has thirteen in-the-money finishes. In World Poker Tours he has won two titles and sat at five final tables.

He has written “World Poker Tour: Making the Final Table” a poker tournament strategy book and a best seller! Online he used to play exclusively at Full Tilt Poker and he was a member and spokesman for Team Full Tilt. Unfortunately after Black Friday in 2011 Full Tilt was removed from the Internet and Erick lost his sponsor and a nice source of income. At this time he is not sponsored by another poker room, but Full Tilt is expected to be back on line and he may be back at his previous employer. There is currently a controversy to finalize the take over by group Tapie as some poker pros have debt with Full Tilt, including Erick himself.

Let’s hope this deal sees completion and that Full Tilt comes back with all the action we were used to see there.

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Playing Good Poker

Posted by crazygamer on Wednesday Nov 30, 2011 Under online poker

Playing good poker is like shooting fish in a barrel

Lately my poker is really red hot! It is quite like shooting fish in a barrel. I am winning about 75% of my sit and go poker games right now. I am playing a combination of heads up and 9 players sit’n go tournaments, mostly at the $10 limits since my bankroll took such a large hit in the past few weeks.

I am building it back up quickly and will return to my $20 games soon I hope. This is my discliplined approach to bankroll management. When I lose and get below 20 buy-ins for the limit I am playing, I drop to a lower limit until I build my bankroll back up. Most players do now have the discipline to move down in limit like that, they only want to move up. But this is what you must do if you do not want to redeposit more money in the future.

I will be back in the $20 games soon and hope to continue improving my game on an ongoing basis. The players in the $20 games are not really that much better than the ones I encounter in the $10 games, maybe just a notch. But I will exercise good bankroll management so I do not bust out and have to buy in again. I need all my spare money for beer! Reloading is a bad idea if you want to play online poker profitably.

Here is my tip for the day. Do not get into the habit of depositing money into your poker account, playing until it is gone, and then rebuying. Use my simple tips for bankroll management to make sure you do not become one of the career losers in the poker rooms. It does not have to happen. If you keep on going down in limits instead of rebuying, ultimately you will reach the micro-limits, where it costs next to nothing to play. And these are easy to beat anyway, so you can move up from there.

Play using a solid poker strategy and you can enjoy the beer and fish too!

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A recent poker session

Posted by crazygamer on Thursday Aug 25, 2011 Under online poker

Well I suppose I will start another post as a place to vent about poker as well as record my progress on my moss work among other things. As it stands I probably will not be getting in a lot of poker time next year as I have at least two field excursions planned. One to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and the other one to several countries in South America.

I am also going to try to squeeze in a trip to several countries in Africa if the necessary funds are available. So if there is a lack of poker there should still be some interesting stories to record. Put in 1556 hands of 50 NL tonight and just ran horribly but still managed to win 9.00. That has to be one of the beauties of NL for me. If you play well post flop it is just very hard for these guys to get the best of you for very long before you turn the tables on them.

Going to try and get in 10K more hands at pokerstars this weekend. I figured playing just 50 NL I need to put in 19K hands before the 24th to clear the bonus before the deadline so I have a lot of work ahead of me but 10 tabling while nut peddling it goes by reasonably fast. Also managed my 4th day of not drinking any alcohol even after going to the TGIF free booze party this afternoon. Now that was a tough hurdle to pass but I made it.

So all in all things are going fairly well at the moment with the exception of my wife and little girl being stopped by immigration when leaving Venezuela last Tuesday. They would not let her travel because she did not have a letter of permission from me to travel alone with our little girl. I suppose that requirement is not such a bad thing but anyone wanting to circumvent it could easily do so so it really just turned things into a pain in the ass. The fuckers gave me a fax number to send a letter stating it was ok but their fax machine was not working properly so they never got it. So the bottom line is I had to fork out more money to change the date on the tickets and they will not arrive until the 29th which kind of sucks as I had planned on being in Arkansas with my mom as she has never seen her youngest granddaughter but I suppose we will still go after Christmas for a few days.

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2010 WSOP main event

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Jonathan Duhamel is the World Champion of poker.

The winner of the 2010 WSOP Main Event won a massive first prize of $8.44 million for prevailing over a large field of 7,319 players this Monday.

A real life changing amount of money for such a young man barely twenty-two years of age. And this is the appeal of the game of poker, in particular as played in tournaments. The winner gets a disproportionately large amount of money compared to the buy-in fee, so there are similarities with what attracts people to playing lotto. But thank God skill and fun are involved in poker, whereas lotto is a totally brain dead type of activity.

So as the buy in fee for the 2010 WSOP Main Event is $10,000, Jonathan made a 844:1 profit. It is hard to find a better return on investment obviously. As the second player only received $5 million plus, he got roughly 500:1 profit, still very impressive. And this is what is driving thousands of players to these poker events, the allure of winning a very large amount of money.

Going down the ladder a bit, the first player to be eliminated from the final table, in other words the ninth player Soi Ngyuen, got $812k, or only ten percent of what the first place got. This shows how skewed the payout scale is. As a matter of fact the difference between third and second place is $1.4 million, so making a mistake leading to missing second place like Cheong did costs more than the entire prize that the 8th or 9th player got.

As always the buzz was huge and this is the most expected poker event of the year, which did not disappointed poker fans all over the world with great action at the final table, unexpected situations and runner-runner or 2 outers saving the day for some players.

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Jennifer Harman Inducted Into the Hall of Fame

Posted by crazygamer on Tuesday Sep 28, 2010 Under online gaming

April 2010 marks the month that the selection process for selecting women who will be inducted into the Women in Poker Hall of Fame began. Out of all of the women considered only three elite women have received the honor at a glamorous induction ceremony which was conducted at the Golden Nugget on September 3.

The first woman to receive the honor of being inducted is the deceased Billie Brown.  Billie is receiving this award posthumously. Even though she might not be known in today’s poker circles she was an icon in the poker world throughout the 1980’s. Billie Brown actually pioneered tournament poker marketing and she started the concept of a guaranteed prize pool.

The second woman to receive the honor of being inducted into the Hall of Fame is Kathy Liebert. Kathy has amassed more tournament winnings than any other woman in poker history. With over 5.7 million in tournament winnings her records includes a WPT win, a WSOP bracelet, and seven WPT final tables. Kathy was the first woman in poker to ever win more than one million dollars in a single event.

The third woman to receive the prestigious honor of induction into the Hall of Fame is none other than Jennifer Harman. Besides being an obvious poker hottie Jennifer Harman has quite the poker record. Jennifer Harman has 2 WSOP bracelets to her name along with three WPT final tables and 2.7 million in tournament winnings. Poker fans love Jennifer Harman because of some of the actions that make her a true poker star. Jennifer Harman recently showed some cleavage to gain entry the World Series of Poker Tournament of Champions and she didn’t let her fans down with her performance by making into the money in the event.

Jennifer Harman’s active Twitter messages have not revealed any response to the cleavage news. Her recent message on Aug 3 stated that she was having a good time with her husband in Italy, plenty of time spent on the beach. After news of being inducted into the Hall of Fame Jennifer Harman deserves a vacation. The congratulating can start when Jennifer Harman gets back well rested and with a tan.

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Sometimes theory meets practice

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Poker is a game of little secrets. The best players are not the best because they have a different understanding of the fundamental nature of the game. They are the best because they have a deep understanding of all the tiny little edges that you can get here and there.

One fairly obvious edge is that when you are faced with a narrow distribution of hands, the least likely rank to help the player is the King. Bruce Lipstein has a good illustration of this concept in his journal.

How do you use this information? Well, you should probably play king-high flops a little more aggressively than you would most other flops, all else equal. The goal of course is to get random under pairs to the flop to fold. Unfortunately, this doesn’t always work out for the best.

One example came from a $40/$80 game that I played, where I had 55 versus KK and the board was Js 3h Kd Tc. Sometimes when a king hits the flop the player actually does have trip kings, so of course this is the exception that confirms the rule of being aggressive on K high flops. But given that the flop has one king, the probability that your opponent holds KK is very low as only three kings are left.

So the hand above is a very rare case. Most of the time you can be aggressive on a king high board and you should. The hand above is really not a typical hand in poker so do not base your play on that.

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John McCain loves craps

Posted by crazygamer on Thursday Mar 19, 2009 Under gambling online

Weaknesses, we all have them, so does the Republican Presidential nominee Senator, John McCain.

What’s his obsession? Craps! As we can read in an article published in August by the Huffington Post titled “Will McCain Gamble With Lives”, his habit is really serious and is called ‘impulsive obsession’ with casino craps.

Some may think that the word impulsive may be a little too much. Is it? Let’s look at some facts. It’s really interesting what Wes Gullet, a longtime friend who worked under McCain for many years revealed about this issue. It turned out that McCain has gone to a real extreme, playing craps on impulse for 11 hours at a time.

Well, that may be shocking, a respected public person spending time and money on a habit which is seen as particularly destructive by many. But is that a problem to lose thousands of dollars at a time on the craps table by somebody who owns eleven houses and spends about $200,000 on household stuff in just one year?

Some examples clearly show that McCain’s source of entertainment has become a kind of addiction for him.

Well, what other word can we use when we examine what happened on McCain’s trip to New Orleans? No sooner had he arrived at his downtown hotel that he hopped out of his chauffeured car and hurried straight to Harrah’s Casino for some action on the $15 minimum stake craps table.

Another witness of McCain’s weakness for craps is the London Times’ Michael Scherer, who has reported on McCain’s jaunts to Mississippi riverboat casinos, Indian casinos, Las Vegas and Caribbean gambling hot spots over the past decade. As he said, McCain joined a group of journalist at a craps table in Puerto Rico, offering his betting advice upon request. Well, it can’t be denied that McCain is particularly self-confident when it comes to craps.

Well, in such situation most of us would like to ask the McCain how much his view concerning gambling will apply to his policy concerning reality. The truth is that issues such as conflicts, wars and human lives deserve much deeper consideration and much more responsible attitude than craps.

What is the secret of McCain’s love for craps? Is it about the money? Definitely not. McCain’s aids claim that it’s about the fellowship that is involved in the craps game as well as the excitement and thrill of winning.

Well, that should not be surprising. Naturally, McCain has money for living a life he wants and the financial reward is not his aim when gambling. Facts don’t lie. McCain really can’t stop himself. As recently as the G.O.P primary battle last Spring, McCain announced he was making a visit to Las Vegas and that he planned to spend some time in the casino. In order to avoid a public relation disaster, McCain’s aids discouraged him from doing so. What did he do in such situation? He suggested having the casino take a private table up to his hotel suite.

Well, we can’t forget about the option of online gambling. If all the possibilities are used, Senator McCain can bring relief to his gambling hunger playing online craps. Online gambling has this great advantage that it assures invisibility- and isn’t it what a public person needs?

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